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Can I request a refund?

Depending on the reason for a refund and the rules set by each parking operator, we may be able to: Process the refund Contact the...

12 Jan 2024

What is Pre-Auth for Start-Stop?

A pre-authorisation fee means we can checkĀ that you will have sufficient funds to pay for the parking sessions once stopped. As you start...

25 Jan 2024

What is the convenience fee charge?

In some instances, a fee is charged associated with the use of RingGo services. From the customer's point of view, cashless parking allows...

12 Jan 2024

Why have I been charged more than I expected?

There may be a couple of reasons why you believe that you have been over-charged, this could include: Convenience feeĀ  In some areas, a...

12 Jan 2024