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Bronze - Low Paid Worker Permit Information

Bronze permits are available to those who work in Mole Valley and are classified as a low paid worker.

See Mole Valley District Council’s terms and conditions for full details.

Once a permit application has been completed the permit will be valid for 12 months and it will enable you to purchase permit parking sessions for 1, 3 or 12 month lengths.

Proof of Address (dated within 3 months is required) *

  • Bank statement
  • Benefit award statement
  • Payslip
  • Tenancy agreement / letter from your landlord
  • Utility bill

Proof of Earnings (dated within the last two months is required)

  • Payslip (showing hourly rate)
  • Letter from employer (with hourly rate)
  • Contract of employment

* We are asking for your proof of home address so we can confirm you live more than 2 miles away from your work address.


Permits are only valid in one of the following specified long stay car parks, which you may choose whilst completing your application:

  • Reigate Road, Dorking
  • High Street (Wathen Road), Dorking
  • South Side, Dorking
  • St Martins Walk Long Stay, Dorking
  • South Street, Dorking
  • Junction Road, Dorking
  • Church Street, Dorking
  • Randalls Road, Leatherhead
  • Station Road, Leatherhead
  • Grove Road, Ashtead
  • Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall, Ashtead
  • Lower Shott, Bookham