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I parked in advance/no longer need the parking session I have just paid for. Unfortunately, the RingGo parking service does not hold the funds you have paid using our service and as such, we are not permitted to...
26 Mar 2018

I have purchased more time than I require! The RingGo parking service operates in the same manner as on-site payment machines and relies fully on the duration input of the motorist...
16 Dec 2019

What should I do if I have paid to park at the wrong location? All RingGo locations have a unique location code, normally either a four or five digit number, clearly displayed on local signage to...
16 Dec 2019

I believe I have been overcharged using the RingGo parking service! All tariffs offered by us are done so at the instruction of the parking operator. We are not involved in the management of any location and...
13 Mar 2018

What do I do if I have paid more than once on the same day? If you have inadvertently paid more than once on the same day* using the RingGo parking service either as a duplicate payment or for an...
13 Mar 2018

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