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Can I call the RingGo parking service from a landline?

You are able to call the RingGo parking service to purchase parking regardless of whether you are calling from a landline or mobile.

If you call the RingGo parking service from a landline, the automated telephone system will ask you to enter your mobile number. At this point you need to enter your registered mobile number and PIN / password in order to confirm your account and fast-track the process. If you do not know your PIN / password then you should request an email reminder using our online PIN / password recovery tool. You will also be asked to follow this same process if calling from a mobile device where your number is withheld or caller identification is withdrawn.

If you do not own a mobile device, you can enter the landline number you are calling from (if it has not already been recognised). The system will then continue as normal asking for your details such as vehicle registration, location code and payment card information in order to park. Landline numbers can also be registered with our web and mobile app facilities.

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