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How do I get a VAT Receipt?

You are able to view and print VAT receipts for all RingGo sessions from your RingGo account as well as having them automatically emailed to you each time you park.

To obtain a VAT receipt, simply follow these instructions:

  • Login* to your RingGo account using the mobile number you called from on the day of parking and  enter your PIN or password specific to that mobile account. If you do not know your PIN or password, this can be requested from the respective 'Forgotten your PIN?' or 'Forgotten your Password?' recovery tools.
  • Select 'Receipts' from the black navigation panel. You will now see the parking sessions you have paid for in the current month, listed in date order. If you paid for parking prior to the current month, click on the calendar displayed beneath 'Between start date' to change the month (ensuring that you also click a date on the calendar before hitting 'search') to filter results between that time frame.
  • Locate the transaction for which you require the VAT receipt. If it is the first time you have requested a VAT receipt, you will be required to enter your address for VAT purposes. This information will appear on your VAT receipt.
  • To view and print the VAT receipt, click on the printer icon next to the relevant session to preview the VAT receipt and print as required.
  • To have the VAT receipt emailed to yourself, click on the envelope icon. 

If you would like to automatically have your VAT receipts emailed to you each time you park with RingGo, select 'Account' in the top right corner of the home page followed by 'Settings'. Under the heading 'Get VAT receipts automatically delivered to your Inbox', select 'As soon as I've parked' from the 'How often would you like your VAT receipts emailed to you?' option before saving.
*If the VAT receipt you require is not listed under this account then you would have called RingGo from a different mobile on that particular date. Each time you call from another device, a new account is automatically created by RingGo under the mobile number used. Please refer again to the relevant PIN or password recovery tools on our homepage should you not know the information for any additional accounts.

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