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Do I have a valid session - how do I check?

We will always confirm whether your session has been successfully created or not.

When using our automated telephone service, verbal confirmation is offered once we receive a reply from your card issuer after you have entered the three digit CV2 security code, if requested to do so, from the back of your payment card. If you use RingGo web (including our mobile site) or our mobile apps, confirmation will be displayed on-screen. All SMS payments automatically result in a return confirmation text being sent by RingGo.

If you are still in any doubt whatsoever, you can call RingGo again and if in session, you will be asked whether you wish to extend your current session or begin a new session at the opening prompt. Alternatively, you can simply login to RingGo and any current session details will be displayed as active under 'Recent Parking Sessions' on the dashboard.

We also offer an SMS Summary (text message fees may vary by parking location) which is sent each time you successfully park with RingGo. To amend your SMS settings, log in to RingGo, click 'Account' in the top right corner then 'Settings' from the displayed drop-down menu and select the 'Yes, I'd like to receive a confirmation by text every time I park' option before saving. Alternatively, you can amend your SMS settings from the 'Account' page in our mobile apps.

We would not recommend relying upon the delivery of VAT receipts as confirmation that your session has been created as the VAT receipt may not always reach your mailbox instantly - mail server providers quite often incur network delays.

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