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How do I change my active Employee/Commuter session vehicle?

All RingGo sessions are enforced by the parking attendant checking your vehicle registration plate. You are only able to store one vehicle against the Employee/Commuter session at any one time.

Therefore, if you purchase a long-term permit session and decide to park a different vehicle than that first selected when purchasing the Employee/Commuter session, you must make vehicle amendments to the session via our online Help Centre prior to parking.

To amend the active vehicle against your permit, simply follow these instructions:

  • Login to myRingGo using your registered mobile (or landline) telephone number and PIN or password combination. If you do not know your RingGo PIN or password, you can retrieve it using the relevant recovery tool. Please ensure you check your Junk/Spam mailbox for delivery of any reminder.
  • Click 'Help Centre' from the menu list to the left of the page.
  • Under the Popular Questions heading, select 'Change vehicle(s) on your permit session'.
  • Select the relevant permit using the drop-down menu.
  • Highlight the existing vehicle(s) you wish to be active for the permit from the 'My RingGo vehicles' menu or use the vehicle 1/2/3 columns to add a new vehicle. 
  • Click 'Next' to immediately apply the changes.

You can then view the session vehicle amendments in the 'Recent Parking Sessions' section on the dashboard or the 'Receipts' page by referring to the original date of purchase.

Please note that if vehicle changes are not applied to your current Employee/Commuter session and you park a different vehicle than that currently stored, you will be liable to receive a parking fine.

Article Id: 36027

Article Last Updated at: 30 Jan 20 11:04

Category: Milton Keynes Council Permits

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