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What number should I call to purchase an Employee or Commuter session?

Once your application has been authorised by Milton Keynes Council, you should call the Permit Booking Line on 020 3046 0005 from your registered phone number to purchase either an employee or commuter session. All sessions purchased by phone will begin immediately.

Alternatively, you can purchase Employee/Commuter sessions online at myRingGo or by installing our iPhone or Android mobile apps. If making payment online or via our mobile apps, you are also able to book Employee and Commuter sessions in advance.*

Kindly note that you will be charged the full parking rate should you call any RingGo telephone number other than the Permit Booking Line.

*When purchasing sessions in advance there is no guarantee that a space will be available for you upon arrival. Parking spaces are not reserved with advanced parking.

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Article Last Updated at: 17 Dec 19 14:31

Category: Milton Keynes Council Permits

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