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Teacher Permit Information

  1. Teacher parking permits are now e-permits, there is no need to display a physical permit. A benefit of moving to an e-permit is once your school application has been approved, you are able to start parking your vehicles straight away. Civil Enforcement Officers will be able to identify which vehicle is covered to park by the vehicle registration number.

    The head teacher of a school within a controlled parking zone which has either a current approved School Travel Plan or current approved Green Travel Plan, or both may apply for teacher permits; this is in addition to the required criteria as shown below.


    • Permits will only be issued after the spare parking capacity has been assessed

    • All permit applications must be made by the head teacher rather than individual teachers

    • The number of School permits to be issued would be strictly limited if the uptake of residents' permits is in excess of 75%; spare capacity is less than 25% and in cases where the numbers of permits outweigh the number of available spaces

    • Permits will be issued only to those schools with an up to date school travel plan or green travel plan

    • The council reserves the right to remove or reduce the number of permits pending on changes on parking capacity; any fraudulent act or abuse


    The cost of a teacher permit is £188 for the school year (3 terms) or £63 per term. Teachers with diesel vehicles will also incur a diesel levy cost of £150 for the school year or £50 per term on top of permit prices.

    Teachers with fully electric vehicles will be subject to a discount of £40 off permit prices.