Parking Locator for London Borough of Merton



Coombe Lane/Merton On-Street

Location Code: 19279

Merton, London Borough of Merton

Charge Times: Monday to Saturday

Up to

20 Minutes

10:00am - 4:00pm


10 Minutes

10:00am - 4:00pm

£0.50 (0.05)

Charge Times: Bank Holiday

24 Hours


Minimum Stay: 20 min

Maximum Stay: 2 Hours.

No return within: 60 Minutes.

Extendable: Up to Maximum stay.

Convenience Fee: 20p

SMS reminder charge: 10p

SMS summary charge: 10p

Duration request reduced to meet cutoff at 16:00

Last tariff update: 21 February 2020

Allows Vehicle(s) Car

Total spaces: 12

  • Car Car: 12

Advance Parking: No

Postcode: SW20 8NE

Location type: On street