Resident Visitor Permit Information

  1. Visitor permits allow residents' visitors to park in 'resident permit holder' parking bays in the controlled parking zones (CPZs). You can apply for a visitor permit without owning a vehicle yourself.

    Visitor permits are now paperless. You just need register online to be able to purchase virtual visitor permits and then you can create parking permits for your visitors when they arrive on a pay as you go basis. You can book visitor permits online, using our smartphone apps or by calling 020 3046 0202. If you have used RingGo before and have the text message settings switched on you will automatically receive text messages for visitor permits. To change your settings click here.

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  3. If you still need scratch cards you can also register to apply for these online. Fill out the scratch card application then select which type and how many you require. They will then be sent to you in the post.

    Select which type you would like to apply for using the buttons below.

    For more details on how to apply for a permit see the how permits work page.

    Resident Visitor Permits / Scratch Cards will not be valid for vehicles over 2.25m (7ft 6ins) in height and longer than 5.25m (17ft 2ins) .e.g. larger than a Transit Van.

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Resident Visitor Permit Costs

    Parking Location 1 Hour  5 Hour  1 Day  Weekly 

    (B) Lewisham Zone (16500)

    (BHA) Blackheath Zone (16501)

    (C) Hindsleys Place Zone (16502)

    (D) Grove Park Zone (16503)

    (E) Rushey Green West Zone On (16504)

    (F) Murillo Road Area (16505)

    (G) Elverson Road & Leathwell Road Zone (16506)

    (H) Hither Green West Zone (16507)

    (J) Canadian Avenue (16508)

    (K) Catford Station (16509)

    (L) Rushey Green East Zone (16510)

    (M) Barmeston Road (16511)

    (N) David (16512)

    (P) Hither Green East Zone (16513)

    (R) Rushey Green South Zone (16514)

    (S) Deptford Town Centre (16515)

    (T) Ladywell (16516)

    (V) Holme & Dallinger (16517)

    Milford Towers (16518)

    Apex Apartments (16519)

    (OB) Bankwell Road & Old Road (16531)

    £1.40 £2.80 £5.60 £20.00 

    (MH) Manor House (16532)

    (LG) Lee Green (16533)

    £1.40 £2.80