Business Permit Information

  1. Business permits are available to any businesses within the boroughs controlled parking zones and can be applied for or renewed online. To apply for a permit click the Apply button at the bottom of this text.

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  3. Applying for a permit online is a three stage process, firstly you need to register with RingGo, then complete the permit application form and once that has been approved you can purchase your permit. For more details on this process and how to apply see the How Virtual Permits Work page.

    Permits are available for six months or a year. Permit applications need to be renewed annually so if you purchase a six month permit you do not need to renew until a year has passed. To buy another six month permit against your annual application, log in and then go to the permit application page and click on the money icon against your application.

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Business Permit Costs
  1. Parking Locations6 Months1 Year
    (DS) Deptford South (1589)£255.00£500.00
    (B) Lewisham Zone (16500)£255.00£500.00
    (BHA) Blackheath Zone (16501)£255.00£500.00
    (C) Hindsleys Place Zone (16502)£255.00£500.00
    (D) Grove Park Zone (16503)£255.00£500.00
    (E) Rushey Green West Zone On (16504)£255.00£500.00
    (F) Murillo Road (16505)£255.00£500.00
    (G) Elverson Road & Leathwell Road Zone (16506)£255.00£500.00
    (H) Hither Green West Zone (16507)£255.00£500.00
    (J) Canadian Avenue (16508)£255.00£500.00
    (K) Catford Station (16509)£255.00£500.00
    (L) Rushey Green East Zone (16510)£255.00£500.00
    (M) Barmeston Road (16511)£255.00£500.00
    (N) Davids Road (16512)£255.00£500.00
    (P) Hither Green East Zone (16513)£255.00£500.00
    (R) Rushey Green South Zone (16514)£255.00£500.00
    (S) Deptford Town Centre (16515)£255.00£500.00
    (T) Ladywell (16516)£255.00£500.00
    (V) Holme & Dallinger (16517)£255.00£500.00
    (MILT) Milford Towers (16518)£255.00£500.00
    Apex Apartments (16519)£255.00£500.00
    Holbeach Car Park (16521)£255.00£500.00
    Laurence House Car Park (16522)£255.00£500.00
    Wearside (16526)£255.00£500.00
    Holbeach Car Park (MT) (16529)£255.00£500.00
    (OB) Bankwell Road & Old Road (16531)£255.00£500.00
    (MH) Manor House (16532)£255.00£500.00
    (LG) Lee Green (16533)£255.00£500.00
    (W) Mountsfield Park (16535)£255.00£500.00
    (LW) Ladywell West (16536)£255.00£500.00