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Can I park without knowing my card security code?

The RingGo parking service does not store the three digit CV2 (security) code from the back of your payment card and will always require this to be entered by you each time you use the service to complete the financial transaction. Without a valid CV2 code being entered, we cannot facilitate the call for payment and allow you to park. For added security, this also means that we cannot duplicate payments without you entering a valid CV2 code during multiple payment attempts.

The only payment card information the RingGo parking service encrypts and stores in our database are the last four digits of your payment card and expiry date which we offer back to you each time you use the service. Up to three payment cards can be stored against your account.

Note: With online payments, you may also be required to enter additional password information to complete the transaction should you be enrolled in online payment protection services such as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This information is not stored by us and you should contact your payment card issuer with any issues relating to this software.

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Article Last Updated at: 12 Dec 19 15:05

Category: Security

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