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Is the RingGo parking service PCI compliant?

The RingGo parking service is operated by one of the UK parking industry's largest processors of credit and debit card payments. The details that are captured by the service are encrypted and held in accordance with the highest levels of security. The processes and procedures that are used have been accredited by independent assessors on behalf of the payment card industry. This is known as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) accreditation and all aspects of our UK operations have been accredited to PCI-DSS Level 1. This European standard is the highest and most rigorous level of accreditation any UK based card processing organisation can attain. Importantly too, all RingGo user data is held in the United Kingdom and is not passed into foreign jurisdictions for processing.

Should you have any concerns about the encrypted data we hold on your behalf, we are of course willing to permanently erase your information from our data systems. To request that your details be removed, and hence close your RingGo account, use the 'Account closure request' tool found under Popular Questions in our Help Centre.

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