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I've forgotten my RingGo password

If you have forgotten your RingGo password, you can re-set it.

On a smartphone:

  • Access the RingGo app.
  • On the main RingGo screen, tap 'Having trouble logging in?' The 'Forgotten Password or PIN' screen then displays.

On the internet:

  • Access MyRingGo.
  • On the main RingGo screen, click 'Login' in the upper right-hand corner, and then 'Personal'. This will bring up the RingGo login screen.
  • Click 'Forgotten your Password or PIN?'. The 'Forgotten Password or PIN' screen then displays.

On either your phone or the internet, now follow the steps listed here:

  • Type your mobile number or email address.
  • Type the VRM (licence plate number) of any vehicle on your account.
  • Click 'Next'.

If the information you provided is not found on RingGo, you will receive an error.

If the information does match what is stored in RingGo, a text message with a verification code is sent to you.

Once you have received the text, type the verification code on the 'Forgotten Password or PIN' screen and click 'Next'.

If you do not receive the text, you can request that it be sent again, or request an email with a link which you click to re-set your password. NB This repeat request can only be done once.

An email will not contain a verification code, but rather a link you must click.

If you still encounter problems, you must raise an enquiry.

You must choose a new password that conforms to the rules stated on the 'Forgotten Password or PIN', type it in both fields, and then click 'Next'.

You then click 'Finish' to complete the process.

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