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What should I do if I have paid to park at the wrong location?

All RingGo locations have a unique location code, normally either a four or five digit number, clearly displayed on local signage to identify the location where you are parked. It is extremely important that you take note of the location code as without this information, RingGo parking service is unable to park you!

Should you have entered the location code incorrectly and proceeded to make payment, you would need to pay again for the correct location* and apply for a refund with the parking operator for the incorrect location. All sessions are non-transferable between locations.

It is also worth noting that when you are an existing customer having parked using our service previously, the RingGo service will always offer you your last parked vehicle and location as the first option. You should always ensure that when using our automated telephone service you listen carefully and react to the prompts accordingly.

Whenever you pay with the RingGo parking service, we simply bank all monies to the parking operator and any application for a refund must be made directly to them. Only the parking operator will be able to authorise a partial or full refund of any sort. In order to request a refund, you should contact the parking operator either by phone or in writing.

*To avoid potentially being issued with a parking fine, we would urge you to make payment for the correct location as soon as possible. The RingGo service will always read the location description to you after entering the code via our automated telephone service or display the location on-screen with online/app bookings.

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Article Last Updated at: 16 Dec 19 14:41

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